Presenting our 2020 program, “A MILLION REASONS”

Presenting our 2020 program, “A MILLION REASONS”

2019 was a monumental season for Resistance Indoor Percussion. The ensemble won their 5th WGI Regional Championship and was reclassified to participate in Open Class Championships in Dayton, Ohio. RIP's reclassification was a prodigious success, with the ensemble falling just short of Open Class Finals (mere days after reclassification).

2020 looks to build on that success with a large contingent of veterans through the years returning, the largest audition pre-registration pool in the organization's history, and a continuation of the through composition and lyrical style Wes Pendergrass and Cole Williams have brought from their BOA successes to their WGI ensembles.

"A MILLION REASONS" is an art piece of visual and musical abstraction pertaining to rationale, our reason for doing things, and how we make important decisions.

The program features the music of Lady Gaga, Chase Holfelder, Ramin Djawadi, Kurt Cobain, and Hoobastank, with visual abstraction crafted from costume and aesthetics of The Met Gala (Costume Institute Gala.